Campton Hills Illinois

Municipality Name: Campton Hills

Municipality County: Kane County

Municipality State: Illinois

Date of Contact: 1/23/2017

Score: 87 (B)

Score Sheet: Campton Hills Score Sheet


At this time, the village of Campton Hills uses Kane County municipal code as the basis for its zoning code and ordinances but it does differ in some key areas.   Unfortunately, at this time they are revising it and there is no public version available.  Building and Zoning reported that “any sort of commercial beekeeping is only allowed in Farm District.  The personal use of bee keeping is allowed in E-1, E-2, E-3 & R-1 if the parcel is at least 1 acre & the bees are kept at least 100 ft. from any neighbors’ house.  Campton Hills does not have an agricultural exemption that allows retail sales of all types from a farm/home that has 5 acres or more.  Since this is removed from their code, retail sales from a home falls under their home occupation regulations. It limits retail sales unless an exemption is made. Campton Hills does have a farm zoning district, but it requires 40 acres or more.  Because of this it is probably only possible to have a hobby or very small beekeeping business in Campton Hills.