Beekeeping is an awesome hobby.  You may have heard that once you get “bit” by the bee bug there is no turning back.  That is exactly what happened to our beekeeping operation.  After taking classes and learning about bees we started with a few colonies.  This quickly grew from 7 to 17.  Now it will be approaching 50.    We are outgrown our living quarters and garage.  Now it is necessary to find a place to live, keep more bees, and run a growing sideline beekeeping business.

Nearly immediately after starting the search, a great place was found with acreage and the ability to build an extra garage.  The property would work, but a deeper investigation found that that village did not welcome our bees or our business.  That is a huge surprise!

It took days and every town that was thought to be good was contacted.  City official were talked to, zoning regulations and the municipal code were analyzed.  The results were surprising. Many of our neighboring towns would not allow our bees or our little business.    After telling fellow beekeepers and friends about the work that was being done to find a new home, they suggested that we publish our findings, and that is how this website started.

Hopefully the research we are doing will help find a place for us, our bees, and maybe you as well.

Happy Beekeeping!!!