Types of Beekeeping Businesses

For the purposes of categorization the following types of beekeeping businesses have been defined for this project.  These types are issued when categorizing the friendliness to beekeeping of each municipality.

NONE: This rating indicates that either the municipality does not allow beekeeping or it restricts it in such a way that it is not going to thrive. It may also indicate that they never responded to direct questions regarding beekeeping regulations. Unfortunately this is the most common type of rating.

HOBBY: This rating indicates that just a few hives are allowed. Sales of honey may be limited or not allowed from the colonies on the property. Running a beekeeping business is generally discouraged.

SMALL: This rating indicates that a small beeping business may work. Sales may still be limited, but selling through mail order, internet etc are actually encouraged by the regulations. Limiting the number of colonies where a home based business is based is probably required or encouraged, as is the building of accessory structures and the amount of space the small business can take up in the residence.

Sideliner (SIDE): This rating indicates that there is sufficient evidence in the municipal or county code that a larger beekeeping operation is permitted. Sales from the farm/home are allowed in all forms/types. Accessory buildings to operate the business would be allowed as well.

Commercial (COM): This rating indicates that any size of operation would be permitted. This rating is very rare.

Educational (EDU): This rating indicates that only permitted educational institutions are able to keep bees. This rating is very rare.